Netflix understated for the end of the year

Netflix did not convince investors in the last quarter: Netflix recorded revenues of 3.91 billion dollars last quarter, against expectations of 3.94 billion dollars and an increase of 40.3% compared to 2.78 billion dollars from the same period a year ago

In addition so far the situation does not seem to improve!
In New York the stock has collapsed and still weighs on the Nasdaq as it would not suffice the small hint of the rise of the last sessions with the price that now stands at 308 dollars.
Netflix has dragged down the whole technology sector, which until yesterday had gained almost 15% since the beginning of the year, as well as the market competitors Amazon, Facebook, Google.
Disney, At & T and Amazon have made the difference on the market by creating a series of initiatives that have made the streaming giant profit less. Amazon has strengthened its streaming video offering, while At & t has just purchased Time Warner and Disney and Comcast in continuous interest on 21st Century Fox.
Although Netflix has said that there is room for more companies in the industry, analysts fear a sharp slowdown in the coming years.

On the stock market, the stock is marking a probable bearish target area around 281.79 as the upward movement could rebound on the resistance at 334.00 and move short towards the said target.
To confirm the hypothesis there would be a 9-period RSI divergence and a strong confluence between 50% and 61% of the medium term and the static resistance at 334.00.
In addition, the fast averages (and the price) have crossed the 200 period average downwards, which would represent a probability of continuation of the distribution.

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