About Me

About Me

Financial Markets Trader,

Business coach, Business Manager, Writer, Writer.

Various facets of my being enclosed in one person!

I was born in a town near Rome 37 years ago.

My studies took me, after high school, in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, and then I got the MBA (Master Business Administration).

I have been an Agent of Commerce of import / export companies and Teacher, trainer, Business coaching at companies and privately.

CFO & Chief Operating Officer at an electronics, multi-brand telephony company and Musical Instruments retail.

I love writing I’m the author of books of various financial and literary nature.

On trading, the two books are published: “Principles of Trading” and “The begin of Trading”


I am a journalist and freelancer for economic, tv and web newspapers as well as being a professional financial analyst and consultant.

For 4 years I have been working as Money Manager (Fund Manager) managing investments of people who want to manage their investment portfolio.

In line with my interests in 2012 I fund a BlogSite focused on trading, on the economy and on finance.

In 2017 I published various trading guides including a manual for those starting from scratch and wanting to become a professional in this business.

For over ten years I have been an independent Financial Market Trader and I am also involved in training traders and presenting to those who want the Trading my passion and source of income.

I consider myself a determined and tenacious person, I never stop learning


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